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the length of time for which something lasts.

synonyms: period, space, time, duration



mentally prepare (someone) for a testing task or occassion

synonyms: get in the right frame of mind, prepare oneself, urge oneself on

Psychology was derived from the Greek word "psyche" meaning "soul". The ancient Greeks also used the word butterfly to refer to "psyche". Span Pscyh uses the anology of the butterfly to help understand the process of psychotherapy

The butterfly becomes a symbol of transformation going through life cycles. Therapy is in this manner a transitional process to assist one through different phases of life which is unique to each individual, just like the butterfly making its way through the hole of its cocoon.

However, the process of becoming a beautiful butterfly does not end once the butterfly manages to escape the cocoon. Once out the cocoon and in order to survive, the butterfly needs to learn to adapt to, and function in its new environment. The butterfly finds itself crawling around with shrivelled up wings before it is able to fly.

Therapy is a relationship to assist the crawling butterfly transform into one that is able to explore challenges and become a butterfly able to spread its wings and fly.

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